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Why Blackshoe?

Because you may not know how to begin to find trustworthy information sources to answer even small research questions.  The fact that information appears on the Web does not guarantee its reliability or accuracy, and so the open availability of information on the Web can be a trap for the unsuspecting.  To address this need,  American Blackshoe™ shares DIY research tips weekly. Just subscribe to the RSS for tips as they are posted.

Because you may have too little time, experience, or access to reliable information sources to tackle small or large research questions on your own.  We have the knowledge, skills, and access to high-value sources to complete your project in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Because you feel confused by the legal issues associated with copying, quoting, and sharing documents retrieved in print or online.  We can ensure that copies of heritage documents provided to clients are obtained legally with strict adherence to copyright law and licensing agreements. All clients are made aware of their obligations regarding copyright and licensing restrictions on such materials.

Because your research needs fluctuate throughout the year, causing you to seek out capable researchers when a tight deadline is inevitable.  We can provide retainer services that guarantee researcher availability.

Because your project requires deliverables to arrive in a preferred form and format.  We have the skill and experience to package results to meet individual client specifications. Do you need us to attend to print and electronic accessibility standards and alternate formats for people with disabilities? Does your project require complex electronic documents management? Do you prefer we meet particular writing standards for a narrative, report, index, abstract, or bibliography? Rest-assured, we can readily meet these and other requirements.