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American Blackshoe™ partners with clients in the cultural and creative industries — the literary, visual, and performing arts, entertainment, media, and publishing as well as government, education, and heritage organizations — to provide services that contribute to the accurate and authentic representation of North America’s heritage in the arts, education, and tourism through methodical research and interpretation of the historical record.

We work onsite and online, relying only on high-quality, trustworthy sources to perform historical and archival research as well as literature and public records searches to:

  • Provide background information that contributes to authentic representations of people, places, events, and customs during specific periods/eras
  • Identify demographic movement and settlement patterns
  • Contribute to educational programming in schools, museums, parks, and visitor centers
  • Contribute to and verify textbook content
  • Support heritage tourism
  • Produce house and heritage building histories as well as local histories

We assist clients in determining their information needs and we locate the appropriate sources through search and research of:

  • The Open Web
  • Specialized directories and databases on the Deep Web
  • Premium academic and business databases
  • Professional online services
  • Regional and Selective Federal Depository Libraries
  • Museums, historical societies, and other heritage organizations
  • University, medical, and public libraries and archives housing extensive print and digital collections

We package and deliver search and research findings to meet individual client specifications as: master narratives; popular histories; customized reports; literature reviews; summaries and highlights; facsimiles of government documents, public records, photographs, newspaper clippings, audio/video recordings, images, and artifacts; and bibliographies and abstracts. Deliverables may range in complexity from simple print documents to massive electronic files of interlinked documents.

To discuss your project needs, please contact us.

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