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The issue is accessibility.

June 14, 2015 • Deirdre Black

Image credit: Jil Wright, Flickr

For all my good intentions to make regular contributions to this blog, I chose instead to forgo posting until I cleared up some accessibility issues that my website was experiencing. When I first set up the site, it tested well for web accessibility, usability, and user experience. Evidently, as time passed, problems developed.

Keep in mind that web accessibility is not the same as web usability, and it’s also not properly considered a user experience issue. It’s odd, I know, but this is the case, nevertheless. Certainly, all three are concerned with human-centered design principles and activities as they pertain to computer-based interactive systems. All three have the best chance of being achieved if identified as a priority before website development even begins. And, given the fluid nature of webtech development and the always expanding demands made of it, neither 100% accessibility nor 100% usability nor 100% positive user experience is ever truly accomplished.

Usability refers to ease of use and can logically be considered an aspect of user experience and of accessibility. The difference between user experience and accessibility ultimately comes down to Finish reading The issue is accessibility.

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