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Deirdre Black  View my profile on LinkedIn   is the founder of American Blackshoe™ and serves as its senior researcher. She has 20+ years of relevant work experience, pertinent educational credentials, access to professional resources, and sufficient technology hardware, software, and know-how to provide heritage document research and interpretation services efficiently and effectively.

She maintains a solid record of excellence in research, analysis, and interpretation across the disciplines, information search and retrieval, electronic document management, teaching, and lifelong learning.  She is particularly knowledegable in subject areas related to language, culture, and history at the local, regional, and national levels and well versed in archival and government documents research.

Inspired by her mother’s undying appreciation of the arts and entertainment and her father’s obsessive interest in American history, she established the business with an eye toward serving clients in the cultural and creative industries to develop authentic representations of North America’s people, places, customs, and events.

My mom made a daily effort to support the creatives among us. She worried if there were enough new authors, screenwriters, and playwrights to speak for and about our modern times. She couldn’t walk past a street artist without tossing a small donation into the hat. And she and her sister were appreciative of all manner of performing arts … even thankful to attend as standing room only.

My dad was equally enthusiastic about culture as encoded in historical documents. He attended every World War II Navy reunion as much to visit the local museum exhibitions and historical sites as to catch up with old shipmates. And he was the keeper of the metal file box that housed all the family records, some of which turned out to be true gems.

Having launched American Blackshoe™, Deirdre honors her parents’ appreciation and value of history and culture by partnering with creatives and cultural workers and digging deep into the historical record of North America to serve the arts, education, and tourism.


Member of Association of Independent Information Professionals      Member of National Council on Public History      Member of American Studies Association      Member of National Genealogical Society      Member of Phi Kappa Phi