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Shipping laws

May 13, 2014 • Deirdre Black

I am surprised to learn about items that cannot be legally shipped to certain countries.

  • Bulgaria: musical greeting cards
  • Canada: margarine and substitute butters
  • France: saccharin in any form
  • Haiti: jewelry
  • Italy: bells and musical instruments (or even parts of them)
  • Spain, Madagascar, and Thailand: decks of playing cards
  • Vietnam: mosquito nets

I suspect that the basis for some of these laws lies far enough in the past to be unknown to most living people… not unlike the 1920s-era Jones Act that requires all goods shipped within the United States be transported by American-made and American-manned ships. Hmmmm… seems like an unfair burden to place on Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and all of the U.S. Possessions, eh?

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